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Right of Redemption Auctions offers a dynamic platform where property owners monetize foreclosure rights and investors access unique real estate deals. It’s an innovative, win-win marketplace for maximizing value and unlocking investment opportunities.


What is a Right of Redemption?

A Right of Redemption in New Mexico allows property owners or their legal heirs to repurchase their foreclosed property at the foreclosure auction price, payable in cash. Unique to New Mexico, this right can also be sold, offering a financial opportunity in an otherwise loss-making situation.

When a property is foreclosed, the owner or heir has 30 days to exercise this right. The process involves valuation by a housing expert and a property inspection. If valuable, a proposal to purchase the Right of Redemption is made. However, if not used or sold within 30 days, it expires and becomes valueless.

Many are unaware of this right, leading to missed opportunities. If leveraged, it can be financially beneficial, with its value depending on the property’s condition and location. Selling this right can provide a financial lifeline or unexpected income in times of foreclosure.

Buyers and Sellers

Creating a new market

Sell your Right of Redemption

Right of Redemption Auctions transforms potential property losses into profitable opportunities. Our platform enables those facing foreclosure or inheriting property in New Mexico to sell their Right of Redemption to interested buyers.

This legal provision helps you gain value from challenging situations. Our auction site attracts serious investors, maximizing the sale potential of your rights.

We ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient selling process, with full support provided at every step.

Buy Right of Redemptions

Welcome to Right of Redemption Auctions, where we open doors to unique real estate opportunities. Investors and homebuyers can acquire properties through the purchase of rights of redemption, often at below-market prices.

Our platform offers a transparent, user-friendly auction environment, fostering fair and competitive bidding. Participate to access exclusive deals rarely found in the traditional market.


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First-Time Home Buyers with Cash Savings:

  • Access below-market property deals.
  • Make your savings work harder in the property market.

New Investors:

  • Discover unique, low-entry investment opportunities.
  • Expand your portfolio with competitively priced properties.

Hedge Funds:

  • Invest in diverse real estate assets at advantageous prices.
  • Leverage market dynamics for high-value property acquisitions.


Home Owners:

  • Transform foreclosure challenges into financial opportunities.
  • Secure the best market value for your property rights.


  • Capitalize on inherited property rights.
  • Maximize returns from estate assets with competitive bidding.

Personal Representatives / Estates:

  • Efficiently manage estate assets for maximum profit.
  • Navigate legal rights sales with ease and security.


I was getting calls from dozens of “investors” looking to pay $500 – $1,000 for my right of redemption. I was able to auction my right of redemption on RoR and made $5,000.00.

D. Gonzalez

Before discovering RoR, I was overwhelmed with lowball offers for my right of redemption, barely scraping past $700. After listing it on RoR’s auction platform, I was amazed to sell it for a remarkable $4,500. The difference was night and day!

A. Wing

I nearly settled for a mere $1,000 from local investors for my redemption rights. Thankfully, I chose RoR’s auction service instead, and it paid off big time – I ended up with a winning bid of $8,200! It was a game-changer for me.

J. Hammer